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After 10 years as a creative consultant and another 12 years as Creative Director at Matteo Thun & Partners, an international architecture and design studio with headquarters in Milan (Shanghai) and Monaco, Elena founded her own research-based studio In Milano. Elena Pelosi Atelier encompasses a wide range of categories and approaches, spanning from product design to spatial design, strategic planning, and design consulting. The entirety of the Studio’s portfolio showcases consistent visual language and meticulously crafted results.



In 2021 she joints Federico Delrosso: together, they direct a creative hub, an interdisciplinary and international group of selected profiles, which operates as a digital extension. Their multidisciplinary approach spans architecture, interior design (residential, commercial, retail, exhibition), styling, product design and communication.
The studio’s design is inspired by the use of natural materials, simplicity, and centered on the human scale: a way to design considering nature as an integral part of each project. Architecture needs to include reality, context, natural or urban, to preserve the “spirit of places”. For this reason, true architecture cannot stop at the external surfaces but must unfold, like a Moebius strip, from the outside to the inside, without interruption.


“Daily art interactions uplift our lives. Incorporate handcrafted ceramics and sculptural furniture for a seamless blend of form and function.”

Elena Pelosi is deeply passionate about art, and her artistic works have been displayed in local exhibitions and included in private collections. She first began working with clay during her studies in the field of “Restoration of Ceramic and Glass Archaeological Objects” in Venice. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in History and Conservation of Artistic Heritage, as well as studies in Architecture, along with numerous workshops and courses covering various aspects such as graphics, multimedia, painting, and photography. These diverse disciplines form the foundation of her interdisciplinary approach to design and her affinity for working with different materials.

Elena’s commitment to design and the arts extends to her global explorations, where she immerses herself in different cultures, studies raw materials, and undertakes projects ranging from residences and furnishings to collections and decorative pieces, all enriched with intricate cross-references. Several years ago, she rekindled her exploration of ceramics and delved into its inherent potential. Her focus lies in attaining an alchemical understanding of natural materials and their reactions, in the context of philosophical concepts related to transformation, regeneration, and life.

PH Ginevra Della Torre
PH Ginevra Della Torre


Panta Rei - Elena Pelosi x Made in Fornace

Thanks to a common passion for ceramics, Elena Pelosi started a collab with her friend Luca Lanzoni, a journalist and creative director, at the historical fornace Curti in Milan, leads to limited editions and events, in order to promote a modern approach to ceramic, among art, design and fashion. They called this project MADE IN FORNACE