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A Monstrance for Gemstones

DESCRIPTION: Ceramic, Hand-Crafted sculpture
SIZE: various
MATERIAL: red clay, slip

An Ode to Nature’s Treasures

The monstrance, a sanctuary of contemplation, invites us to peer into the heart of our planet. These gemstones are not just inert minerals; they are conduits through which the Earth speaks to us, sharing its hidden narratives, its tumultuous journey, and its intricate tapestry. As we hold these gems, we hold time itself—the embodiment of the Earth’s enduring resilience and timeless wisdom.

However, let this monstrance signify more than mere admiration; let it kindle a commitment to stewardship. The quest for these gems has, at times, come at the cost of nature’s delicate balance. In this solemn moment, we pledge to protect these treasures, to seek ethical practices that honor the Earth’s riches without exploiting its fragility. We acknowledge our responsibility as custodians of the Earth’s wonders.

Made of red clay with white and pink clay engobbio and powder /sand.
the monstraces are reminiscent of roots or bones, thanks to the roughness to the touch and the appearance is earthy, and organic.

The minerals part of the set are: clear quartz, amethyst and desert rose (gypsum)

THE SET IS PROVIDED WITH CERTIFICATION, stamped and signed. A bag with the original earth in it is also supplied with the piece.


Please email studio@elenapelosi.com for pricing and availability.