A vessel for Gemstones

DESCRIPTION: Ceramic, Hand-Crafted sculpture
SIZE: various
MATERIAL: red clay, slip

An Ode to Nature’s Treasures

Each vase, meticulously shaped in classical style, carries a piece of the earth’s history within it. The closing lid is formed from minerals, stones, or rocks collected from the exact spot where the earth used for the vessel was excavated. This thoughtful connection forms a bridge between the untouched natural material and the skillful touch of human hands.

In this synthesis of nature and craftsmanship, the materials remain true to their origins. The unaltered minerals, left in their organic state, contrast with the earth they once shared. Transformed through the alchemy of fire, the terracotta takes on a new purpose as a vessel, serving to contain and nurture.

These vases stand as a testament to the dialogue between man and nature, embodying the intrinsic connection we have with the elements around us. As they hold space for life to flourish within, they simultaneously reflect the essence of life’s origins – the earth, the minerals, the stones – all brought together in a silent symphony of creation and transformation.

THE SET IS PROVIDED WITH CERTIFICATION, stamped and signed. A bag with the original earth in it is also supplied with the piece.

Please email studio@elenapelosi.com for pricing and availability.