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[C]2 Contemporary Studio Ceramic

WHEN  7 giugno – 7 luglio 2023
WHERE ESH Gallery, Milano

ESH Gallery is pleased to present [C]2 Contemporary Studio Ceramics, the second edition of the only auction dedicated to contemporary ceramics in Italy, designed to bring together an audience attentive to market trends, new forms of collecting and the advantageous possibilities of digital.
The auction will take place exclusively online (June 7-15) directly on eshgallery.com and will be accompanied by an exhibition (June 7-July 7July) that will provide a broad overview of new trends in contemporary ceramics between sculpture, applied art and design. For this second edition, it was decided to open the selection also to some international authors, especially Japanese in the perspective of a precise and constant comparison between the West and the East, which has always been a guideline guide of the gallery’s artistic choices. Close to the Japanese aesthetic of synthesis and balance of forms is the work of Leonardo Bartolini, a Florentine-born ceramist who lives and works in Kumamoto, Japan. Focusing on the structural configuration of the object and the study of surface sensitization, the artist gives life to ultra-modern architectural-geometric forms in earthy colors and purged of all functionality. Petra Hegge, a Dutch artist who resides in rural Valmareno, under the shadow of the Dolomites, after a long course in the world of fashion, now devotes herself exclusively to ceramics, which has become part of her everyday life. Various elements made with whimsical experiments in ceramic language superimposed on each other give rise to his fascinating totems with archaic and strongly
evocative. The ultimate goal of the works of Silvia Garau, an artist based in Sutri, is primarily tactile before aesthetic, prompting the viewer to touch her works in order to fully enjoy them. The artist approaches the shapeless mass of raw clay with her bare hands, following the natural resistance of the material itself until she obtains extremely tactile, sinuous, sensual forms that recall in a reduced and intimate form the work of English sculptor Henry Moore. Also featured again are the works of Guido De Zan, a ceramist of
longtime artist working in the shadow of Milan’s Colonne di San Lorenzo. As art historian Anty Pansera writes in Creature of the City, the artist has developed a real obsession with some of his city’s buildings, to which he has devoted careful curiosity by reproducing them in small stoneware and porcelain sculptures, synthesizing their volumes and giving them his characteristic paper-like effect.

Finally, XIO ceramics, Patrizia Budini and Elena Pelosi were were selected through the second edition of Food Design Stories, curated by Sandra Faggiano and Caterina Misuraca, presented at Fuorisalone ’23 at Superstudio.

Artists: Unurgent Argilla, Leonardo Bartolini, Patrizia Budini
Giulia Bonora, XIO Creative Ceramics, Licia Cicala, Guido De Zan,
Simcha Even Chen, Silvia Garau, Domenico Guardiani, Petra Hegge,
Junpei Hiraoka, Yoichiro Kamei, Clara Holt, Takuya Murata,
Premiata Ceramica Sperimentale, Elena Pelosi, Maria Diletta Rondoni, Taro
Tabuchi, Kouzo Takeuchi, Toshiaki Yoshimura, Chiara Zoppei.

7-15 June 2022 su eshgallery.com
Exposition: 7 June–7 July 2023
Opening: 7 June 18:00-21:00
8 -15 June: 11.00-19.00
16 June-7 July: by appointment only
ESH Gallery
via Forcella 7 – 20144 Milano
www.eshgallery.com / enquiries@eshgallery.com / Tel +39 0256568164



Please email studio@elenapelosi.com for pricing and availability.