Dare forma alla terra/ SANTORINI (GR)

DESCRIPTION: Vase with soil, iron sand and rattan - Stone Forest series
SIZE: 18 cm diameter, 17 cm height
MATERIAL: Red clay, White finishing with greek sand + hay base

GIVE SHAPE TO THE SOIL: a transversal project that connects the object with its territory and its landscape. It is dressed in its colours and textures. Each object is made and dedicated to the place where the material it is made of comes from, partially or entirely. Rocks, clays and minerals collected by Elena Pelosi as part of her research.
In this series of vases STONE FOREST SERIES also investigates the value of time, in an inter-semiotic exchange between languages and materials: a fossil forest with recovered and collected soils, in close connection with the land and in memory of its history. This is a unique piece, made from a modular rattan base with an organic-looking ceramic part – irregular, vaguely reminiscent of a floral corolla, a blossoming bud. Made of red clay with white and pink clay slip and reclaimed earth and iron powder (slight black grain punctuation) .
It is rough to the touch and earthy in appearance, speckled in relief with a grainy black sand.

IT IS PROVIDED WITH CERTIFICATION, stamped and signed. A bag with the original wild clay in it is also supplied with the piece.
vase: h 9.5 x 20 cm
base: h 9,5 x 8 cm


Please email studio@elenapelosi.com for pricing and availability.