Maru / Pinetum 07 Design – Dialogo con la Natura

CLIENT: Cotto Manetti
WHEN: September 2023
WHERE: Pinetum - Villa Gaeta

With its irregular beauty, the result of expert craftsmanship, the MARU furniture collection tells the story of the material from which it is made, Florentine cotto, a local material whose origins go back a long way in time and known for its peculiar blend of minerals unalterable to weathering and abrasion.

The name Maru comes from the Japanese “circle,” but also from ancient Etruscan, where it was used to identify the “priest.” MARU is inspired by the circular shapes of ancient sacred monuments, such as Stonehenge and the Pantheon dome, symbols of life and renewal. The relationship between man and tree is celebrated in a finally equal and authentic dialogue.
The high-proportioned elements that make up the collection draw their inspiration from the twisting columns, which have always been used with a structural function but with a decorative charge given by a “moving” play of light and shadow. Thanks to their helical thickness, the seats and vases are charged with dynamism, energy and almost sacred symbolism: a continuous search for knowledge and interconnection between the divine and the earth, but also a divertissement that lightens their measures.

The collection, designed for urban outdoors such as parks and public gardens, but also suitable for indoor use, is made solely from two modules that vary their function depending on the composition: the seat becomes a vase but also a small table, the circular partition is also a welcoming backrest and may become the base of a table.

The Maru collection was presented at PINETUM Design, MAD Murate Art District, Florence.
The event, which revolves around the themes of Art, Design and Nature with the aim of outlining a new identity for historic parks, was inaugurated on Sept. 30 in the presence of the project founders and Luisa Bocchietto, Giulio Cappellini and Matteo Thun, mentors of the young designers invited to join the project devise new site-specific works for Pinetum Park, including Elena Pelosi, creative director and designer.

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