Melting Pot – Crogiolo

DESCRIPTION: Round sculpture
SIZE: 35 cm diameter, 6 h maximum hight
MATERIAL: red, white, black clay and coatings - high temperature

The melting pot is not just a mere physical entity, but rather a profound representation of the beauty of diversity and a celebration of multiculturalism. It is a place of fusion, an encounter of cultures, elements, mixtures, and contaminations. Here, figuratively, it becomes the place, the environment, and the experience where a fruitful fusion of different elements takes place. The refractory clay base has undergone multiple high-temperature firings, which have resulted in the perfect melting point of different soils drawn from different corners of the world. The striking three-dimensional geometry of the piece is characterized by the unique blend of multiple soil types, featuring intricate patterns of cracks and drops that seem to flow in perfect harmony. Signed on the back, unique piece, to be hung with hooks or to be placed.

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