Milano Design Week 2023 “EstETICA FLUIDA” by FoodDesignStories, Superstudio – Super design Show

WHEN  17-23 aprile 2023
WHERE Superstudio Più | SuperDesign Show – via Tortona, 27

The installation   “EstETICA FLUIDA” by FoodDesignStories   takes the visitor on a journey around the work of twenty independent designers on the theme of the saving of water resources.


Elena Pelosi’s  project is a thought about  the importance of water and conscious use of water. Water is one of the most essential needs for life. About 0.3% of the water resources in the world are usable. Water shortages already exist in many regions and there is growing realisation of the urgent need to conserve water.
 During a tour in Madagascar with a biologist, she discovered a region in southeastern Madagascar where several villages depend entirely on the baobab tree tanks. It only rains a few times a year and the little rain that does fall is immediately absorbed by the porous lime soil. There are no rivers, no lakes, or any other form of surface water. To manage to live in this hostile environment, people noticed that baobab trees would collect water during the brief bouts of rainfall. The water that gathered in the hollow trunks stayed fresh and clean. Larger baobab trees can store up to 14,000 liters of water  during  dry periods. Each family is responsible for and guards its own tree.

During this travel, she collected some soil and realized the vessels that symbolize  Baobab, Nature’s Water Tanks to raise awareness in this regard.


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