We explore the 13 rooms at Palazzo Morando, curated by Matteo Thun & Partners and open to the public until October 20, 2019.

Palazzo Morando, a 17th century building in the heart of Milan, guards part of the extraordinary artistic patrimony of the Museum of Milan and the Collection of Applied Arts. For four years now, the site has also welcomed the Elle Decor Grand Hotel during Fall Design Week in October, a temporary exhibition exploring new frontiers in the world of hotellerie and hospitality as a whole.

In a city like Milan, which has recently found its way back into the international spotlight as a touristic destination, and where collective hospitality sits at the center of a communal debate, Elle Decor Italia has transformed the ground floor of this stunning structure with halls and gardens open to the public. Here, themes developed by the magazine each month have been materialized for an immersive and engaging experience.

Like every year, an internationally recognized architecture studio has been called upon to explore the evolution of hotels from a design perspective. This year, the choice fell to Matteo Thun & Partners, whose “Design Therapy” continues to experiment with the architecture of hospitality — something he likes to call “hospitecture”. The theme combines both wellness and environmental sustainability, tourism, and the relationship between man and nature. Throughout the immersive showcase, the ambiguity between exhibition area and livable space makes for a unique experience: halls are distributed in an ordered sequence, much like a normal museum, but unlike their traditional counterparts, these rooms host prototypes of interior and exterior atmospheres where guests can stop, talk, and grab a drink or bite to eat. Interiors present a selection of products, furnishings, and materials from the best Italian brands, combined with a series of custom-designed pieces from Matteo Thun & Partners.