– Table sculpture in cocciopesto, Casa Charleston, Palermo

Inside the spaces of Casa Charleston in Mondello (Palermo) designed by Sergio Colantuoni, there is a table-sculpture in cocciopesto, treated and brushed, designed by designer Elena Pelosi and made by the artisan workshop Cipriani Design of Reggio Emilia.

TABLE MADE OF CLAY AND CLAYED EARTH, powders of terracotta, marble and natural stone with brass details, designed by Elena Pelosi especially for the Charleston, made by Cipriani Design.
Unique techniques, craftsmanship and eco-compatibility distinguish and make this material and this furniture unique.
The carefully crafted table surface tells the story of time through its its imperfections and nuances. The fragments of ceramic and stone, skilfully joined to create cocciopesto, carry with them the memory of past eras, of ancient civilisations that have shaped our culture.
An ode to nature, a testimony to our ability to transform the past into a sustainable future.

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