marieclaire – Che forma hanno le nostre tavole – MC Bistrot 2023

3 December 2023 – Grand Hotel et de Milan (Via Alessandro Manzoni, 29)

with Fabrizia Mirabella, Managing Editor of Luca Lanzoni, Digital Creative Director Hearst Italia, and Elena Pelosi, designer, partner in the creation of the timeless Made in Fornace heirlooms, made in the Curti Furnace, the oldest in Milan and a ‘very magical genius loci’.

Luca’s inspiration for decorating Made in Fornace objects “comes from a small square that chases itself and creates different patterns, geometries, geographies in which everyone reads what they want”. Elena, on the other hand, works more on the material according to techniques, materiality and tactility to shape a “very strong concept, to go beyond pure craftsmanship and cross over into collectible design”.

In dialogue with Stefano Aschieri and Simone Bonanni, Owner & Co-Founders and Design Director of WEED’D.