New catalogue

Design/ Pinetum 07. Dialogo

Polistampa, 2023

Catalogue by: Bruno Boretti, Silvia Fabbroni, Laura Moretti, Guido Pellegrini

The ‘Pinetum’ project is the brainchild of Bruno Boretti to offer exhibition opportunities to emerging artists. The venue of the exhibition is the Villa Gaeta complex, a historical residence located in a valley on the Valdarno side of the Chianti mountains.
The protagonists of the seventh edition are the designers Maurizio Prina, Leonardo Talarico and Elena Pelosi: their works, exhibited in the park of the villa and harmoniously inserted in the spirit of the place, are reproduced in the catalogue.

Pinetum Art + Design
A biennial exhibition project with a close relationship to place and environment.
The biennial formuna alternating one year art and one year design.

The year of art
Artists are invited to realise a work related to the year’s theme in residence.
A work that interacts with the physiognomy and philosophy of the spaces, a work that becomes part of the Pinetum.

An unprecedented format
Every year a day during which new works are presented.
A moment of encounter for creative minds and innovative spirits, an informal environment perfect for sharing and confrontation.

The Year of Design
Three authoritative figures from the world of design propose as many young designers who are involved in the creation of artefacts designed to interact with the spaces, with the task of enhancing their experience, adding a new perception of the Pinetum.