Interior design for SALA QUADRI – Fondazione Zegna

CLIENT: Fondazione Zegna
WHEN: 2023
WHERE: Valdilana (BIELLA)

#ZegnaRoadToExcellence #GlobalRetailConvention

” The Road to Tomorrow” This concept draws inspiration from Zegna’s ‘Follow the Path’ campaign, which celebrates Route 232 and the Zegna family’s values. The space, reflecting the brand’s DNA, emphasizes sustainability and a connection between past and future. The Painting Room transforms into a gallery, featuring lounge areas and gardens with native plants (Rhododendrons, Mountain Pines, Camphor Trees). Sustainable materials showcase the brand’s environmental commitment. The flexible setup caters to various visitor experiences, from simple reception to workshops, maintaining an elegant and minimalist aesthetic in harmony with the surroundings.
Magical colored light from windows, consistency with the brand, coziness, the aroma of wood—a palette of earthy neutrals, sand, terracotta, clay.
Copyright: Fondazione Zegna
Team: Elena Pelosi Virginia Urro Collab Green: Vittorio Peretto
Thanks to all the suppliers: Sofa, Tables, Lamps,