MAISON DE LA TERRE Concept and exhibition design for MARIE CLAIRE MAISON

WHEN: Milano Design Week 2023, 18-23 April
WHERE: via S. Primo 4, Milano (IT)
COLLAB: In partnership with Federico Delrosso. Team: Valentina Camangi, Virginia Urro

“The earth does not belong to man, it’s the man who belongs to the earth.”

A place to stay, a place to dive into, a place to take refuge. This is a story of daily life in an unusual domestic space, full of emotional memories that bring us back to the Mediterranean lifestyle updated by new awareness.
The house, like the archetype of the “tepee”, becomes a place of shelter and spiritual protection.
A soft environment that tells the flexibility of contemporary domestic spaces in an alternation of undefined, intimate or shared functions. A set of places that touch each other, generating a perceptive comfort through sensory overlaps and contamination between art, craftsmanship, design, new technologies, and nature.

“When we take something away from the earth, we also have to give it something back.”

Just as the tepee adapted to nature and was indeed an integral part of it, so today we are once again conceiving our places with greater responsibility and respect.
Every activity, every production, every place, even this installation, owes a debt to the earth.
The measure of this can be calculated through the load of CO2 produced and can be compensated for by planting new plants.
The lifecycle of this installation will be calculated and repaid through the planting of hornbeam, ash and/or silver fir trees in the area thanks to Oasi Zegna. A concrete action to underline the importance of awareness starting from the little things.

Special Thanks to:

Agape Casa, Bertazzoni, Cantieri Creativi, Cecchini, Cielo, Cipriani Design, Cristina Rubinetteria, Delta Light, DS, Elitis, Gallotti&Radice, Kartell, KN industries, Halo project, Lais, Laminam, Loropiana, Mingardo, Ntgrate, Planet Farms, Roofingreen, Rossignoli, Silvia Interiors, Terracruda by Primat, Tabu, Tonatto profumi, Turati Cucine, Oasi Zegna, United Consulting

Styling: Made in Fornace, Henry Timi , Studio T, Mauro Seresini, Melanie Murata

Artists: Alberto Pisoni, Cindy Lilen, Dario Dagostino, Florence Di Benedetto