Ricucire le ferite. Carrara 2030 – nuove idee per Carrara ed il suo marmo


WHEN: 2023
WHERE: Carrara (MS)
COLLAB: Federico Del Rosso, United Consulting Engineering, Hotelnet


Disused quarries represent a trace of history and not just a wound on the land. Recovering the history and identity of Cava is a way to enhance and popularize the spirit of the “genius loci” place.

The goal is to give birth to a new system of hotel accommodation that will serve as a hub for flows international, more sensitive to the fruition of the context, by developing an entrepreneurial program for the realization of a real system of tourist/cultural offerings integrated into the local context and meeting precise standards of quality. The initiative stems from the awareness of the relevance acquired over the years of the brand “carrara” now known universally, but which few have had the opportunity to visit and experience. The project also aims to explore an “authentic” and “unique” type of offering/experience, with a UNIQUE cultural and hospitality offer, rich in history, with a clear USP already known to all: the “MARBLE OF CARRARA EXPERIENCE.”

The pilot project is therefore a 5-star experiential boutique hotel, according to a new philosophy of low-impact international luxury tourism. The facilities environmentally friendly will blend seamlessly with the history and landscape, bringing visitors to the historical and cultural heritage around them, utilizing resources and employment locally, supporting commerce and artisans with the development of sustainable micro economies.
A new dimension of well-being with the use of sustainable materials, marble and wood from the mountains and large windows that will bring nature, light and the landscape of the quarries inside the facility.

Idea by:
Elena Pelosi and Federico Del Rosso
In collaboration with United Consulting Engineering and Hotelnet