FLOW THROUGH THE COLORS {match with the star} Rubinetterie Stella Milano Design Week 2024

CLIENT: Rubinetterie Stella S.p.A. - The Meraviglia agency
WHEN: Milano Design week 2024
WHERE: Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia - Milano
COLLAB: Virginia Urro, Soundharya Sivakumar

Welcoming the enchanting world of Stella, the Italian tap brand that celebrates the art of living with style and luxury, and inspired by the magic of the Trevi fountain, one of the most iconic places in Rome, the ‘Flow through the colors{match with the star}’ installation was designed by Elena Pelosi (client: The Meraviglia Agency) for the Fuorisalone of Milan Design Week 2024.

In this work, water flows through the taps of the SIDE collection, designed by Meneghello Paolelli , located in five thematic islands that represent chromatic transformations in unique places in the world.
The Red: inspired by Lake Natron in Tanzania, with the collaboration of Missoni
The Pink: a dreamlike dream inspired by Lake Hiller in Australia, created by Filippo Salerni
The Blue: evokes the Blue Hole of Belize, created with the artist Nicolas Denino
The Black: inspired by Lake Kelimutu in Indonesia, with the collaboration of Florencia S. M. Brück
The Yellow: An ode to resilience and regeneration, inspired by Lake Rotorua in New Zealand, created by Elena Pelosi

Partners: Atmosphera Soul of Outdoor, Dream Factory, Urban Production, Haus Of Ninja, WAW COLLECTION, Garc SpA, Zegna Forest

Fuorisalone. Milan

16-21 aprile, 2024

Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia