The Index Book: monography of the Architect Matteo Thun


CLIENT: Matteo Thun
WHEN: 2013
WHERE: Milano (IT)
COLLAB: a project by Matteo Thun & partners

There are no vanity editorials in ‘Matteo Thun: The Index Book ‘. No ego boosting essays. And no statements on the Matteo Thun’s long term impact on the world of design. Just six sets of indexes that allow you to access his work six different ways: alphabetically, typologically, topographically, chronologically, by client name and finally, according to visuals that correspond to each user friendly list.

Much like a helpful inventory of ingredients in the back of a cookbook, Thun’s book brings a scientific organisational approach to his vast body of work, creating along the way a new lexicon for speaking about it. What results is 30 years worth of projects, ‘from coffee cups to restaurants, from mountain resorts to wristwatches, from saucepans to solitary villas’, neatly condensed into a singular, handy user’s guide. (from Wallpaper article, by Jj Martin)