Tjikko building


CLIENT: Immotrading
WHEN: 2022
WHERE: Pescara (IT)
COLLAB: Mattia Valenti

Concept, Facade redesign, interiors.

Inspired by nature, made to last over TIME and transform itself, becoming increasingly rich in suggestions. Like OLD TJIKKO, from which it takes its name, the oldest existing tree, an almost 10,000-year-old spruce located on a mountain in Sweden.


made of plants and historical references, of three-dimensionality and marine transparency; a residence with many condominium services and welcoming common areas.
The greenery that embraces it becomes a real architectural material and TJIKKO appears as a natural organism that vibrates according to the light and the growth of the vegetation, representing the idea of ​​eco-compatibility that everyone is looking for today in a new architectural intervention.
The scents of myrtle and mastic envelop bright and fresh apartments, close to the sea, full of convivial and flexible areas but protected in their privacy.
But not only. The vegetable screen also has a climatic and acoustic function: in combination with the brick thermal insulation, the temperature range and consumption for cooling and  heating are reduced. All the green lung helps to protect part from the wind and to filter fine dust and purify the air from CO2.

ALL CONCEIVED AS A MODERN RESIDENCE, with condominium services and design common areas.