Effebiquattro Milano. New brand image

CLIENT: Effebiquattro Milano
WHEN: 2023

EFFEBIQUATTRO Milano is a leading company in the production of interior doors, a company that, thanks to its great ability to interpret the present and its skillful vision of the future, has expanded its horizons by adding the production of interior furnishing solutions to the production of doors, allowing for the complete customization of the home.

In 2023, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the brand image of EFFEBIQUATTRO Milano is undergoing a renewal in line with the new artistic direction of Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez and the new product lines. The quality, values, and distinctive characteristics of the brand remain historical, but are reimagined in terms of image and “tone of voice” By Elena Pelosi Studio:

• Materiality, sustainability, tactility, expertise in the use of real wood.

• Made in Italy, tradition, family, history.

• Tailoring, personalized service, artisanal care.

• Industrial production, technology, patents, reliability.