THE GARDEN PAVILION Atmosphera MDW2024 booth

CLIENT: Atmosphera
WHEN: Milano Design week 2024
WHERE: Milano Fiera
COLLAB: Virginia Urro

Atmosphera draws inspiration from travels to the most remote places, the wonders of nature, and each individual’s experiences, but it begins with a deep understanding of our land, composed of stories and traditions. Because while we live in a fast-paced and increasingly connected world, where movement is swift, it’s also true that only by pausing in the most intimate dimension we know – that of home – can we truly get to know ourselves. Bringing comfort and elegance outside, spaces under the open sky become like home, places to gather, to live, and to rethink our relationship with nature.

The Garden Pavilion aims to be precisely this: a place to pause. It’s an urban oasis where we reconnect with nature, and hidden paths lead us to discover a secret garden, intoxicated by a fragrant breeze and furnishings that invite us to take a break.

Salone del Mobile.Milano

16-21 aprile, 2024

Pavilion 01 – Stand C09.C11